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Paraphrasing basically means formulating someone else’s idea into your own words without changing the gist of it , you can paraphrase anything. Like it could be someone’s speech or a written text like a poem , stories etc.                                                                                    Now that we know what paraphrasing means Let’s learn HOW to do it …

How to paraphrase

Read the passage thoroughly and make sure you understand what it’s context is  .

Make notes of the the key concepts

Rewrite(restate) without looking at the original text.

Now reacheck with the original text 

If not satisfied reread the text and repair your paraphrased version  

Always remember the 4 R’s stated above 

 Read, Restate, Recheck, and Repair

Importance of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is an approach to convey the message or thought that someone else composed, in their words, and their design. 

Phrasing  can be useful and is essential  in unexpected way: 

Paraphrasing can be an energizing method of examining another subject or text, to summarize, one necessities to comprehend the thought and the message of the essayist well indeed, alright to convey the message in various fabricated sentences. 

In academic  paper preparations , paraphrasing is a fundamental piece of investigating. During the examination of a particular theme, the researchers offer significance to the writings identified with the specific point. Later on, to start composing the examination paper, they should utilize those writings,after they’ve read them, now they can rephrase it . 

The author can rewrite paraphrases instead of quoting to avoid duplicate content.

Paraphrasing apparatus works when there is a need to reword a long time ago, confounded sentence into a more limited, more direct sentence.

Quoting versus Paraphrasing: Learn the difference 

When you paraphrase you need to learn whether you need to paraphrase it or Quote it directly if the content states  statement ,always try to use them in quotes and if the content states other than that write it in such a way that it clearly states who said it.

We use quotes when we want to show a statement and highlight it .

Difference between Plagiarism And Paraphrasing

To see the difference between  paraphrasing and plagiarism, first and foremost, one has to know the definition for the latter . Plagiarism is assuming acknowledgment, for an idea, thought, or work of another person, as their own. 

It is the demonstration of taking an author’s work, typically by reordering their content, or parts of it, and assuming acknowledgment for them. It is likewise the demonstration of introducing a posted and composed thought as new. 

Paraphrasing is a way that the essayists can embrace without submitting plagiarism or by staying away from copy content in the content. 

In paraphrasing, the author completes research by perusing various sources, and messages, that share similar messages. They read them, set them aside, and later on, compose their article, or scholastic paper, without glancing back at the reference messages, they had perused prior. In paraphrasing, one places in their words, message or thought written in various sources and books. 

To maintain a strategic distance from plagiarism, it is best additionally to change the construction of the writing and the content, preclude pointless parts and work on the language. In the event that the essayist is utilizing the immediate citation of the writer, he/she ought to give quotes and ought to likewise give appropriate in-text reference alongside page number, else the plagiarism checkers, free or the paid form will distinguish it as copied content.

Thing to keep in mind when paraphrasing 

Always remember never to use synonyms of the original text as it could be considered as a direct quote without attribution .

Never take text from different sources and make Cosmetic changes as it’s not considered paraphrasing .

Don’t switch the tense of the text or rearrange the words, always write what you think about it.

Paraphrasing itself means rewriting the text in your own words and giving it a gist of what you understand by it , never copy the text and if using the same text always quote it .

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