Common App Essays | 7 Strong Examples


What is the Common Application essay? The Common App Essays is a writing prompt that is used by over 700 colleges and universities in the United States. It is a type of college admission essay that is submitted as part of the Common App Essays, a centralized college application platform used by many institutions. The […]

What Is Ecological Fallacy? |

Ecological Fallacy

Ecological fallacy is a statistical error that occurs when inferences about individuals are made based solely on aggregated group-level data. This fallacy occurs when researchers make conclusions about individuals based on data collected at the group level instead of data collected at the individual level. For example, suppose a researcher wants to study the relationship […]

How To Write a Dissertation/Thesis Writing Introduction

Dissertation/Thesis Writing

You chose your topic months in advance yet ended up googling- Can I finish writing my Dissertation/Thesis in a week?  This is a very common situation when there’s more on your plate than you imagined. While you did start writing your Introduction for the Dissertation, the words did not fall out easily. The moment you […]

How to write an Analysis Essay?


Casual Analysis Essay may appear to be trying to amateur understudies, yet what makes it simpler is picking the correct theme, realizing structure rules, and making causal relations clear for a crowd of people. One reason why understudies in the United States bomb this paper type is absence of information about Casual Analysis Essay structure […]