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Dissertation writing sounds intimidating, either being too lengthy or not knowing where to start. Dissertation consists of vigorous research and collecting information from accurate resources which can get time consuming and saturated. So, one at a time slowly and carefully we need to decide and prepare for certain topics. To break it down simply to you, let’s face it like how we would face any challenge.

With these 10 tips, you’ll learn how to survive the entire dissertation writing process.


This always works out well, setting a deadline way before the actual deadline will get work done early without any panic and hassles. With this technique time can also be managed carefully. Setting the deadline way before the actual deadline has many benefits such as having a peace of mind about getting the dissertation writing process done as early as possible. With this method, we need to be sure to not procrastinate and end up piling things. Just take out some time in the day or night and dedicate it completely to this process. This will avoid piling things up and have the dissertation ready right before the deadline if followed with discipline. Let’s call the process of setting the deadline way before the deadline, ”the first deadline” and the actual deadline “the final deadline”.

We’ve all heard that procrastination is the thief of time, we tend to procrastinate easily when we have a lot of time in our hands and then cramming everything up before the last minute. When confused about how to actually begin the process, the only way to make sure that it begins is to just start. It sounds confusing, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Start by collecting keywords that you’d like to mention. If not keywords then start by reading about the subjects and researching about it. Something is always better than nothing. And as time goes by keep on adding more and more information until you reach the stage of editing.


The collection of resources in the dissertation process is crucial because the entire thing is based on it. A part of it includes samples and surveys based upon an area. Form pie charts or graphs and study it thoroughly.

Follow the table of contents, create an introduction. This is the best way to get started and prepare for the upcoming topics that would be followed by widely researched aspects of the subject area.

Time management goes hand in hand with work ethic and discipline. This means that you do not need to dedicate all of your time to the dissertation but some time with 100% attention. This also makes you learn more about the topic and conduct intensive research about it as well. Give some time to yourself, eating well and sleeping well is important to be able to function and focus. Apart from that flexible work schedule also works.


Keep in touch with your professors/ teachers and fellow classmates during this process. Help is always appreciated and asking for feedback or any sort of correction should be taken as a positive aspect. It is totally normal to ask for help for suggestions and guidance through professors or committee members.Take any changes that are asked to be made as positive criticism and learn more from them. Help with dissertation lessens the workload.

Usually when one is stressed or anxious about their dissertation they tend to panic and cram all the information which leads to a short- non creative and bland dissertation. Taking care of one’s health is more important, creating the dissertation is a part of life, it should not be made your entire life. Take it as a challenge but don’t indulge so deep that it causes anxiety and stress issues. Remember to make time for yourself in the process, it can be meditation, jamming to your favourite playlist, creating art or pursuing any other hobby.

Usually, this tip works wonderfully. Setting a “word goal” for everyday will keep on making the dissertation process more survivable and stress free. If you set a word count for a day and plan to finish the project by the “first deadline” it would be a piece of cake. No hesitation, procrastination of any kind. The only thing that you’d have to keep up with is following the work ethic and art of discipline.


When things are drafted out it can look extremely messy but don’t worry, editing iit out will create smooth sentences and paragraphs. Editing can look like forming sentences and paragraphs out of keywords, ee-reading and broadening the topic information, basically making the incomplete draft look complete and polished.


Through extensive research and formation a strong conclusion should be formed, this is the heart of the dissertation. It would help immensely in forming an incredible outline and conclusion. The final step has to be inclusive of the research conducted in every aspect of the dissertation. Giving out recommendations and suggestions, ending with bibliography.

These were some of the hints of the dissertation writing process. Hope this has helped. You’ve got this! Believe in yourself and overcome this challenge. All the best.

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