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It can be difficult to write a research paper, especially if it’s your first time. Examining research paper samples to see how other people have addressed their topics is one of the greatest methods to get started. We’ll talk about what to look for in a research paper example in this blog post and how it might assist you with your own writing.


The formatting is one of the first things to examine in a research paper example. Such elements like the typeface, margins, and spacing are included. Make sure to adhere to the formatting standards used in the example you’re utilising. Your paper will appear more expert and well-organized as a result.

2.Citation style

The citation style is a crucial component of every research paper. There are numerous citation formats available, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. Verify that the example you’re using adheres to the citation style that is required. This will assist you in comprehending how to properly credit sources and steer clear of plagiarism.


A research paper’s methodology section details the research process. The research design, data collection procedures, and data analysis methods are some examples of this. Look for examples with a methodology section that is succinct and clearly explains how the research was conducted.

4.Literature review

An summary of the prior research on the subject is given in the literature review part of a research paper. Seek for examples with thorough literature reviews that include all pertinent studies in the area. You will be able to fill in any gaps left by your own research by understanding the current status of research on your subject.

5.Data analysis

A research paper’s data analysis section outlines how the data was analysed and what the outcomes were. Look for examples that employ suitable data analysis methods and deliver succinct, unambiguous results. This will assist you in learning how to analyse your own data and clearly and understandably convey your findings.

6.Discussion and conclusion

A research paper’s discussion and conclusion sections enumerate the key results and their consequences. Look for examples that integrate the findings together and offer insight into the research’s more general implications through a well-written discussion and conclusion.

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