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You chose your topic months in advance yet ended up googling- Can I finish writing my Dissertation/Thesis in a week? 

This is a very common situation when there’s more on your plate than you imagined. While you did start writing your Introduction for the Dissertation, the words did not fall out easily. The moment you get stuck on your introduction, the motivation to continue ahead declines. But there’s a simple solution to this- ‘‘There is no need, to begin with, an Introduction for your Dissertation’’, you can start with the Research Results or Discussions. 

Doesn’t this make things simpler?

Introduction for Dissertation/Thesis Writing

The first chapter of your Dissertation is the Introduction. The essence of your entire dissertation/thesis writing has to be captured in its introduction. This is what will draw the reader. We’ll help you understand what makes an introduction impactful. Most first-class essays have a strong introduction that encompasses the research with clarity. 

The Origin 

Why does every essay or dissertation need an introduction? Before going in-depth into any topic, the upper surface tension needs to be broken. Not only will the bulk data ahead become simplified for the reader but you will feel the ease of contemplating your dissertation.

The ideal technique to master your introduction is re-writing it. Make attempts of clarification by writing sample introductions. Look out for the different points of view and make a final copy once you finalize the content you think would be the perfect combination of your drafts.

Let’s take a look at all the components that you could include in the Introduction of your Dissertation.

Research Topic 

Your topic might be unique to a particular niche. For example A Legal Case Study on Jobs vs Gender. The reader has to know the background of your topic. Lay the foundation of your research and explain every aspect keeping in mind the unfamiliarity of the topic that the reader might face.

An introduction includes items of news, facts, and figures, conceptional factors, and more. Along with showing why this topic interests you, you can mention relevant situations that made you choose the topic for your Dissertation/Thesis Writing.

Example Topic: A Legal Case Study on Jobs vs Gender.

Example Context: Current state of discrimination laws in job sectors, and the need for gender equality in hiring.   

Crisp and Clear Scope

Now that the reader has a basic idea of your topic and the necessary details regarding the same, you can provide a clear scope that defines your research. 

For example: 

  • Which audience does your research cater to?
  • What is your objective in conducting this research?
  • Is there a particular problem that you aim to find solutions for?

There is no need to stretch this section. It is essential to be on the point and not move into a different tangent.


It’s now time to reason. A practical response to ‘Why’ you chose your topic. The relevance of your topic to your subjects and the current scenarios should be explained. For example, Your topic is -A Legal Case Study on Jobs vs Gender Differences. Your reasons could be your personal experience facing discrimination while being hired for a job role. Or you could provide statistics on gender discrimination when people apply for jobs. 

A strong reason to support your topic for a Dissertation/ Thesis writing can be impressive. 



The subsection of your topic might be answering many questions that arose along the way. State such questions that directly answer your objectives. Although it is an introduction, answering critical questions at the beginning can be insightful.

Wrap it up!

An end to the Introduction of the Dissertation/Thesis Writing can be treated as a mini-conclusion. It is helpful to give an outline of all the aspects covered in the introduction. Before diving into the extensive section, there should be a summary of what will be covered ahead. 

There is a whole new chapter that waits to unfold and before you begin the next chapter make sure you paint the perfect picture that captures your entire book.

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