How To Write a Dissertation/Thesis Writing Introduction

Dissertation/Thesis Writing

You chose your topic months in advance yet ended up googling- Can I finish writing my Dissertation/Thesis in a week?  This is a very common situation when there’s more on your plate than you imagined. While you did start writing your Introduction for the Dissertation, the words did not fall out easily. The moment you […]



Dissertation writing sounds intimidating, either being too lengthy or not knowing where to start. Dissertation consists of vigorous research and collecting information from accurate resources which can get time consuming and saturated. So, one at a time slowly and carefully we need to decide and prepare for certain topics. To break it down simply to […]

How To Write a Thesis Summary


Summary refers to the brief of a certain topic that is explained in simple details of the related subject. Writing a thesis summary is directly subjected to giving an overview. Highlighting the main contents of the thesis is crucial. Here are some tips that can lead you to write a well organised thesis summary: 1. […]

How to create a business plan

Content writing

One should always have a business plan may it be for small or large scale business so that one always has a direction to look into, if things go south  How to make a business plan  Cover page — Identifies your business Table of contents — Organise information for the reader Executive summary — Provides […]

What is paraphrasing?


Paraphrasing basically means formulating someone else’s idea into your own words without changing the gist of it , you can paraphrase anything. Like it could be someone’s speech or a written text like a poem , stories etc.                                    […]

How to write an Analysis Essay?


Casual Analysis Essay may appear to be trying to amateur understudies, yet what makes it simpler is picking the correct theme, realizing structure rules, and making causal relations clear for a crowd of people. One reason why understudies in the United States bomb this paper type is absence of information about Casual Analysis Essay structure […]

How to write a 5 paragraph Essay/ Essay Writing Tips


Most Essays, if not all, secondary school and school state-administered tests incorporate a composing segment. Understudies are given a composing expeditious and should then compose an exposition on the theme. Essay Writing for government-sanctioned tests can strike dread in the hearts and psyches of understudies, everything being equal, however, it doesn’t need to. On the […]

How to write an Explanatory Essay


A typical Explanatory Essay is an illustrative, or informative, paper that includes an informative exposition that depicts your feeling on something, the thoughts of someone else, a cycle to follow, or an occasion that has occurred. As opposed to scrutinizing the data or discussing its legitimacy, you essentially clarify it and make it simpler for […]

How to write a Research Paper


A research paper is not quite the same as an exploration proposition (otherwise called an outline), even though the creative cycle is comparable. Research papers are expected to exhibit an understudy’s scholastic information regarding a matter. A proposition is an influential piece intended to persuade its crowd of the estimation of an exploration venture. Think […]